When Will The Overseeded Sod Be Ready?

“Is the overseeded sod ready?”  Over 50 percent of the phone calls we’re receiving right now are asking this exact question.  Therefore, I want to use this post to let you know when we’re expecting to have overseeded sod available.

Based on our planting dates and current weather conditions, we’re expecting to have overseeded Midiron to be available the last week of October to the first week of November, and Tifway 419, Tifgreen 328, and Santa Ana to be available the first to the second week of November. These dates can vary depending on growing conditions.

We appreciate your patience as you wait for the overseeded sod.  We do want to remind you that we are still currently providing sod, but it is not overseeded so it will go dormant for the winter as the temperatures continue to decrease.

Stay tuned to our website.  We will post an update once the overseeded sod is available to harvest.