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Arizona Sod Grass Varieties

Midiron Sod Grass

It’s tough. It’s durable. It is great for Arizona and it doesn’t take much work to maintain.

Tifway Sod Grass

Tougher than Tifgreen and more sophisticated than Midiron.

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About Southwest Sod

If you want to buy Sod, you’ll want to talk with Southwest Sod!

A Second Generation, Family Owned Sod Farm

Southwest Sod was founded over 30 years ago by 2nd generation agriculturists. Our farm is locally owned and operated, serving both Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. We provide hybrid Bermuda turf that is ideal for Arizona’s dry, western climate and is perfect for both professional and home applications.

Arizona Locally Grown Sod burst

Varieties of Sod we Grow

We specialize in producing premium hybrid Bermuda turf, offering the following grass varieties:

What Makes our Sod Better

Unlike other allergen-producing common Bermudas, our hybrid Bermuda turf varieties are pollen-free and hypoallergenic. We grow our turf naturally – without artificial plastic netting, which poses a safety hazard for lawn mowers, pets and children.

We offer our sod in a variety of ways. We sell in both small and big rolls, custom cut to your specifications.

Our Services and Specialized Equipment

We use specialized equipment when installing your hybrid Bermuda sod. Other turf services we provide include desert re-vegetation. A minimum quantity may apply. Learn More.

We Serve Residential and Commercial Customers

Our experience and longevity in the sod industry has allowed us to exceed both our commercial and residential customers’ expectations with quality, service, and professionalism. Whether you are buying grass as a homeowner, landscaper or groundskeeper, our knowledgeable and friendly staff is prepared to help you.

In an uncertain market, buying from Southwest Sod is a sure thing. We’re a grass and turf provider you can trust. We’ll work side-by-side with you to make sure your job is completed in a timely manner and that you are happy with your new turf. Are you ready to buy sod?