Turf Area Calculator

How to Calculate Your Turf Grass Needs.
Divide your yard into simple geometric shapes-rectangles, circles or triangles, and total their square footage.  Use the turf calculator below to assist you with your calculations.
Shape A below is approximately a circle – you will need the radius (or diameter divided by 2) to calculate the area.
Shape B below is approximately a rectangle or square – you will need the length and width to calculate the area.
Shape C below is approximately a triangle – you will need the height and base to calculate the area.
*Due to the configuration of our harvesters, we can only cut in 10 square feet increments.  Therefore, round up your total needed square footage to the next highest 10 square foot increment. We also recommend adding an additional 3-5% to allow for extra cut outs and odd shaped areas.
Use the Turf Calculator to generate your turf needs.
Southwest Sod measurement illustration

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How long will sod stay green on the pallet?

Sod needs to be installed immediately upon delivery. Same day installation is vital to the success of your new lawn! Sod is perishable and will begin to degrade quickly if left on the pallet. As temperatures increase, the sod’s pallet life decreases.