Sod by pond with palm trees

We’ve been growing and delivering sod in since 1985 and today we bring a variety of resources to any landscaping job – large or small.

Installation – We provide high level installation services. Our crews will lay and roll your sod in a timely and professional manner, leaving your job site or home in pristine condition.

Small Rolls – We custom cut to your specific needs. Our rolls come in 10 square foot increments. Each roll is 2 feet wide and 5 feet long and weighs approximately 25-30 pounds.

Big Rolls – If you need to sod a wide and relatively flat area, big rolls are a good choice for you. These rolls are 42 inches wide and can span 100 feet or more, covering big areas quickly with fewer seams.

Stolons – An alternative to sod, planting stolons is another way to establish turf for your project. Stolons are grass stems for hybrid bermuda turf. They are harvested from nursery stock at our farm and shipped in bushel totes or bags to be spread manually, hydraulically, or mechanically. The best time to plant stolons is in the summer, ideally between May and July. It takes 12 to 14 weeks for stolons to grow into a mature turf product, as long as proper maintenance techniques are followed.

Hydroseeding, Hydrostolonizing, Desert Revegetation – Using our hydroseeding equipment, we can apply bermudagrass seed, stolons, or custom desert seed blends to meet your job specifications. Using a water base, we mix seed or stolons with mulch, fertilizer, and tackifier to create a slurry that is sprayed out with our hydraulic equipment, creating a green mat layer that protects the seed or stolons from the harsh elements of the summer climate. The green mat layer will soon disappear as you water the planted area.

Mechanical Planting – For broad, relatively flat areas we offer a mechanical planting option. A minimum quantity may apply.