How to Measure Your Lawn

How to calculate your turf grass needs

Divide your yard into simple geometric shapes – rectangles, circles, and triangles.
Measure the length and width or radius of each shape.

Enter these numbers into our Turf Grass Calculator to determine how many square feet you need for your new lawn. To compensate for odd shaped areas and cut outs, it is best to add an additional 3-5% to your calculation.

*Due to the configuration of our sod harvesters, we can only cut by 10 square foot increments.  Please round up your final measurement to next highest 10 square foot increment (i.e. 892 sf to 900 sf).

You’re now ready to order!

Dividing your lawn into easily measured shapes.

Here is an example of how to specify sod coverage for a typical home. Calculate the individual geometric areas and total the areas to generate the amount of sod you need.

Shape A below is approximately a circle – you will need the radius (or diameter divided by 2) to calculate the area.

Shape B below is approximately a rectangle or square – you will need the length and width to calculate the area.

Shape C below is approximately a triangle – you will need the length and width to calculate the area.

Calculate Sod Needs

Use our Turf Area Calculator to figure out how much sod you need.