Sod Grass Varieties

Midiron Sod GrassMIDIRON SOD:

It’s tough. It’s durable. It doesn’t take much work. Midiron is the most popular variety in Arizona because of its drought tolerance, resiliency under heavy traffic, quick recovery, and easy transitions. It is the ideal variety for commercial jobs where little maintenance and high traffic are factors. Midiron can be mowed with either a reel or sharp rotary mower.

Tifgreen Sod GrassTIFGREEN SOD:

Tifgreen is the king of putting greens. Its slender, bright green blades give this variety the manicured look that greenskeepers and golf-managers value. Tifgreen is heat and traffic tolerant and repairs quickly, making it a great choice for homeowners who want the golf course look without the golf course maintenance. It can endure very low mowing heights, but doesn’t require it.


Tifway Sod GrassTIFWAY SOD:

Tougher than Tifgreen and more sophisticated than Midiron, Tifway has a very dense, medium-fine leaf texture with an aggressive growth habit and excellent traffic tolerance. Tifway is recommended for an active backyard and is best maintained with a reel mower.


santa ana sod grassSANTA ANA SOD

This variety is strong and dependable. Its intense, luxurious color and dense thatch make it ideal for applications where managers or homeowners are looking for a rich look without the maintenance requirements of other varieties. Santa Ana thrives in sun and heat and has excellent traffic tolerance. Either a reel or sharp rotary mower can be used with this variety.


Sod Grass Comparison Chart

Southwest Sod Grass Comparison Chart