Don’t Tread on Me

The frost cloths are out. Snow is on Four Peaks. Winter is finally here. With the thermometer plummeting and frost covering the lawn, make a New Year’s resolution to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER walk on frozen or frost covered turf (Yes, golfers, there is a reason for frost delays). Frozen turf blades have no elasticity and will split or shatter easily under foot or vehicle traffic. The grass will wilt once the ice melts, producing what is sometimes called “frost printing.” This picture, take by William M. Brown, Jr.,, is a good example. It can take weeks for the grass to recover and grow upright again.

——>>>>>> INSERT PICTURE<<<<<<——

As you celebrate the New Year at home or with family and friends, remember to stay off that frozen turf. Your lawn will thank you and will look 10 times better as a result. Have a safe and happy New Year’s Day!