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Congratulations!  You have survived another summer in the Valley of the Sun.  Now, you can start thinking about your winter landscape plans because our OVERSEEDED SOD IS NOW AVAILABLE! Right now we have overseeded Midiron available, and we hope to have Tifway, Tifgreen, and Santa Ana available the 4th of November (this date is an […]

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Stop the Fertilizer

Temperatures are rising, weeds are growing like gang busters, and your rye grass needs mowed more frequently.  That means spring is coming and it’s time to transition your lawn. Your first step is to stop fertilizing.  You don’t want to encourage aggressive rye growth because it will compete with the awakening bermuda grass, which will […]

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Wednesday’s Test Cut Results

Well…we’re almost set to begin.  The harvest crew has just reported to me the sod will be ready to cut tomorrow the 27th.  The grass has great color and its strength is getting better everyday. Call our office ASAP to place your order-602-271-4266.  Our trucks are filling up fast.  Reserve your sport now!

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Monday’s Test Cut Results

The harvest crew has just returned from the fields with the results of the test cut for the overseeded sod.  They’ve informed me that the turf still needs a couple more days of growing time.  They said the turf looks great.  It has great color, but the roots are still a little immature.  This causes the […]

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Overseed Update: 10/20

I just walked the fields. We’re extremely close to opening up our overseeded stock for the winter season. We planted seed two weeks ago. Fertilizer has been applied and we continue to water efficiently to ensure strong germination. Our goal is to start harvesting overseeded sod next week (Oct. 24-28).  In the meantime, we will […]

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Time to Plant-Go Get Your Seed!

The summer heat is finally breaking.  The nights are getting colder with temperatures constantly dropping under 65 degrees.  If you have plans to over seed your yard for winter green color, you need to stop by your local nursery and purchase your rye grass seed. Buy enough seed that will cover your lawn at a […]

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Overseed Update-When Will It Be Ready?

Last week I offered you key steps to make certain that your overseeded lawn will have the best opportunity to thrive during the winter months.  Right now we’re receiving a lot of phone calls asking for overseeded sod.  So, I want to offer you a quick update as to what the farm is doing right […]

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What Type of Ryegrass Should I Plant?

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Keeping with our fall transition theme, have you thought about what type of rye grass you’re going to plant-annual or perennial? There are a few things you should consider before you head to your local nursery and purchase your seed. Annual rye is bunch grass that produces a light green color and a wider leaf blade compared to […]

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Time to Start Planning Your Winter Lawn

September is here.  The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are going to start decreasing (thank goodness).  So it’s time to start planning for your winter lawn.  First off you’re going to have to pick a target date to plant your perennial rye grass.   Everything you do will be predicated on this date.  Ideally, […]

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